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Beastly Battalion

Beasty Battlion is a Strategy game with action commands when entering combat with your units!


Start Button -> On the title screen the start button opens the two-player demo VS. Mode otherwise it transitions turns when the player

hitting that button to end their turn

Select Button -> enters the simple battle command menu when units are selected by whichever player is controlling that unit on their turn

A Button -> Selects Units, when battle menu open this button will choose the selected command (currently set to only attack) as well as to dodge only dodgeable attacks, finally when attacking let’s your unit attack with the regular but powerful attack

B Button -> Deselects Units, closes menus, lets your unit guard against weak but combo-oriented attacks, and when the unit is attacking lets them weak but combo-oriented attacks

D-Pad – Moves cursor, and when a unit is selected moves them with a limit of three spaces per turn

Email Me at PeytonScottDev@gmail.com for any questions

Role Name
Programming/Graphics Peyton Thiele
Composer Logan E. Schad

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