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Art is Dead: Necromancer’s Theatre: Blood, Love, and Rhetoric: Revival Tour 3XXX!

NOTE! This demo is not complete, so there isn’t much that you can do at the moment except walk around the stage and force the other zombies to counter your movements when you walk into their space. You can select some actions, but the actions won’t affect anything obvious.

The world has ended… After that, your cult has decided that in addition to reviving bodies, it’s time to revive the theatrical arts!

Art is Dead is a Tactical Theatrical Staging Roguelike where you command your zombie to outshine other zombies in theatrical performances, use the proceeds to further develop you zombie’s skills, and travel the world defeating local divas to make you zombie the most famous undead performer in the world.

“In the year Three 3XXX, the necromancers came forth and tamed the dead, thus saving humanity. Now they are tasked with rebuilding civilization starting with… Live Theatre!!!”

How it will play (but currently doesn’t)
Art is Dead will have you command you zombie in a series of randomly generated performances. In the performances, you will take actions to please the audience and outshine your fellow undead performers. It might seem simple to just kill off the competition to get ahead, but if you kill a zombie who is more favored than yours, the audience will not be pleased. So first you must build up your stage presence by taking actions a completing cues. Where you stand on stage and which direction you move will also apply bonuses and penalties to the effects of your actions. The better the overall performance, the more money the show will earn and if your zombie performs better than the rest it will earn more the proceeds which you can used to upgrade your zombie’s skills. Travel the world challenging local undead divas to grow your zombie’s reputation as the world’s greatest rotting performer!

Role Name
Designated Fool Joe Rossi

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