When the World Went Maddie

Its the year 2030 and the Vegans have taken over the world! The farmers arent happy but its upto you, Mayoress Maddie to rescue the animals and send them off on a journey into space!

Chase the Pigs and Sheep onto the spaceship so they can go on towards a New Frontier! Then head to the barn for a final battle with the evil farmer!

This game is a concept idea created for ByteOff IV (march 2024) and uses what i will call “repel mechanics”.  The aim of the game is to chase the various farm animals over the landscape and onto the spaceship. When you approach each animal the repel mechanics will make them run away from you. Its upto you to figure out how to guide each animal to its destination. The surrounding areas will help you!

When you first start the game there is a practice area which allows you to get the hang of the repel mechanics!

Who is Maddie?

A few weeks before Byteoff 4 began i started talking to a girl called Maddie, we got along well. And so when byteoff started i decided id base my character on her (and the fact shes vegan). I thought it would be funny to tell her id put her in a game!

I guess she must of liked it because were now dating!


Main Game Area: Arrow keys

Farmers Barn: Z & X


Everything was done by me.. SHLIM


Role Name
Everything SHLIM
Clever gameplay mechanic, just needs a bit of tweaking so the animals can be herded a little easier.
Cool. I struggled at first, then i realized i needed to use the leveldesign to my advantage. It´s a clever puzzle platformer with action. Enjoyed the music and the game. Best of luck to you and Maddie
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