Mooooo! (with five o’s, previously six) is my first ever NES game made with NESmaker. It’s not really abandoned, but on hold and dormant for about three years now. I forgot to re-add it to theRetroverse 2.0, so here it is again!


You are a cow. A hungry cow. In fact, you are so hungry, you need to eat all the grass you can find. You progress to the next level when you have eaten all the grass on the screen. But don’t get stuck on rocks, trees, or your ever-growing body.


Press A to start the game. Use the D-pad to navigate the cow through the field. If you get stuck, you can reset the level using the B-button.

This is a demo

The demo contains 25 levels. The final version will feature a story mode with 100 levels, and four season modes with ~50 levels each. I hope you enjoy the demo.


Thanks go out to the NESmakers forum users that playtested my game and/or provided me with some pointers, advice and motivation to keep working on the game. In no particular order, shout out to: Basty, chronicleoflegends, CutterCross, dale_coop, jim, JollyShadow, Jonny, Logana, mouse spirit and TakuikaNinja. And of course the biggest shout out (which I almost forgot, shame on me) goes out to The New 8 Bit Heroes, for providing me with a tool which allows me to make my childhood dreams from thirty-something years ago come true.

External resources

Development thread at
Daddy Cool font by DamienG
HVD Comic Serif Pro font by HVD Fonts

Role Name
Fonts DamienG, HVD Fonts
Intro tune Peter Snoei
Development, design, music, sfx kevin81

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