As the planet struggles with global warming, new challenges confront its inhabitants. Forest clearance have nothing to help the situation. Well, what can a beaver do?

Cut trees and build dams to help Twig expand its frontiers. Avoid any natural disasters that can happen doing so. Good luck!

Role Name
Design, progammation, music/sfx Lemmarx163 (Frederick Fournier)
Promotional art InsanePup (Lamabelle0)
Support, testing, ideas and motivation The whole family (Dragondu163, Kamicha163, Lamabelle0)
Fantastic arcade game design, highly original concept and theme!
Fun game! Really gets the adrenaline pumping.
I always knew that storms were actually caused by angry stars.
Playing this game is like finding a treasure chest full of joy—every level, every quest, feels like uncovering a new gem of pure fun!
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