Monarch’s Flight

Become a monarch butterfly on its migratory journey. The way will be treacherous and there’s no slowing down! Keep an eye on your hunger meter, and refill it by grabbing the milkweed flowers scattered around. Beware the monarch’s natural enemies, such as wasps and praying mantises. Make it to the end of your migratory path to join your other monarch friends!

Updated to version 1.5

First up, there’s now 8 way directional controls! That makes moving around way easier, and makes it less likely that you’ll get caught on scenery.

Next, sometimes enemies (and worse, the milkweed plants!) would not spawn for whatever reason. This should be fixed now, at least for the milkweed plants.
I have at least one more update I’d like to do on the game before I move on from it. But at the very least, if you’ve played it before, give it a try again with the new 8 way controls, because they’re way better now!

Role Name
everything Toad64 (Paul Palmer)
Bonus points for bugs. Entomology rules! Neat concept.
Nice spin on the theme! An autoscroller where you guide a butterfly though its day in the hazardous garden. Loved the animation on the monarch and it was just the right amount of challenge for me
Cool game, nice animation and good controlls. The music made this a nice and calm game to play.
This game was alot of fun! I enjoyed the autoscrolling system and the pace of it :)
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