Mystic Origins (CIB)


Mystic Origins – a first step into an unexpected adventure.

The people of the port city of Varekai often regale each other with age-old fantasies of the ethereal continent of Myrinda that lies hidden beyond the fog of the Sylvan Sea. But such supernatural stories are mere escapism, to be believed only by innocent children and eccentric dreamers.

That is, until credible reports of malevolent, otherworldly phenomenon began pouring from the Hamishago mines in the west. Panic and paranoia consumed the region, as its residents desperately looked to old myths for answers and guidance.

A young vagabond minstrel said to create music that borders on magic was commissioned to bring soothing harmony to this growing discord. But his role in this tale is anything but incidental.

In Mystic Origins, you play as the young musician, Julian, questing to find and extinguish the arcane source of the chaos that plagues Varekai. One question to ponder; once you see beyond the veil of the Mystics of Myrinda, will you ever be able to return to the mundane world?


What’s Included:
Mystic Origins comes with game, standard NES box, and instruction manual. The NES game will play in original NES hardware and most clone NES systems capable of playing NES hardware.

Item Status: 
Development of Mystic Origins is complete.

Estimated Delivery:
Estimated delivery window for Mystic Origins is Fall 2023*


*Please keep in mind that while we will do everything in our power to meet this delivery time period, delivery of these niche products depends on many variables, some outside of our control (including, but not limited to, parts shortages and shipping delays). If you have questions about this, please contact us before purchasing. Thank you.



What is Mystic Origins?

When we​ began this project, we had a limited knowledge of what we’d be capable of. Everything was laboriously programmed by hand, from scratch. We did not even know the right questions to ask in terms of NES development. We were building the tracks as the train was barreling towards us. As a result, the code base was an unoptimized mess, held together with proverbial safety pins and duct tape. But by the time we were nearing the end, we were proud to have reached our goal of creating something that could rival a middle of the road adventure game for the NES (something like Arkista’s Ring was our original target).

The problem became that our once-novel project evolved into something much grander. During development, the lore grew. Our in-house development tools were refined. Our greater understanding and better workflows allowed for the ability to work in cooler game mechanics. The project itself took on a new meaning, and paying off on decades of inspiration warranted using our growth to realize Mystic Searches to its full potential.

At the same time, we realized that it would mean going back to the drawing board to rebuild the engine from scratch to optimize the game and better conform it to the tools we’d been building along the way. Since we had people waiting patiently for our NES adventure game, and we realized that scope creep would extend the release significantly, we took all the work we’d done to that point and revised its lore as a prequel to the larger game we intended to build.

Simply put, Mystic Origins was, at one time, Mystic Searches, and it is what Mystic Searches would have been had we not also unexpectedly developed a whole new paradigm for making NES games in the process.

Though not as grand in scope as the current version of Mystic Searches, Mystic Origins is a full, stand alone adventure game for the NES with some unique mechanics. It has everything one could want in an 8-bit adventure; monsters to battle, secrets to unlock, missions to complete, various biomes to explore, and with a narrative that acts as a perfect set up for Mystic Searches.

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Weight .5 kg
Dimensions 9 × 7 × 2 cm

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