Mystic Searches – CIB (Black “Void” Version, Standard Box and Manual Included)


Myrinda. Playground of the deities.

To the mundane world, sacred accounts of the strange land are no more than a collection of allegories on which the world’s cultures were founded. But make no mistake, the place is real, as is all of its wonder.

An order of Mystics serve as custodians of the supernatural, and act as vanguards against abuse. Through thoughtful discipline and careful control, they have regulated magic and kept Myrinda safely hidden for generations.

But not everyone in Myrinda values the strict, regimented dogma. Lately there has been unrest. Racial rivalries have divided the population. The wildlife has become restless and aggressive. Politicians have marginalized the salience of magic entirely. And a rogue cult has been infiltrating all communities, spreading a manifesto which seems aimed at undermining faith in the Mystics. The mysterious cult’s ultimate ends, no one knows, but their brand of disruption has bred nothing but tensions and paranoia.

From his post at the Celestial Observatory at the Sage Lakes, Mystic Paen reads a warning spelled across the night sky. Coming is an ominous thing that the Mystics will be powerless to prevent.

And in the stars, he reads that you, Julian, the young vagabond who hears the song of the world, will have a vital part to play in Myrinda’s next chapter.


What’s Included:
This version of Mystic Searches comes on a black cartridge with a standard NES box and manual.

Item Status: 
Mystic Searches is in testing. Parts for manufacture have been ordered.

Estimated Delivery:
Estimated delivery window for Mystic Searches is Fall 2023*


*Please keep in mind that while we will do everything in our power to meet this delivery time period, delivery of these niche products depends on many variables, some outside of our control (including, but not limited to, parts shortages and shipping delays). If you have questions about this, please contact us before purchasing. Thank you.



What Is Mystic Searches?

One could argue that the development for Mystic Searches began the first day my fingers touched a controller for the Nintendo Entertainment System. Unlike many of my friends, playing through those formative 8-bit games was not a passive experience for me. From the moment my seven year old self stomped his first goomba and slayed his first octorock, the catalog of Nintendo games compelled me to be creative; to write stories, to compose music, to make art, to craft experiences. Mystic Searches, as it has evolved and morphed and matured, has been the psychic wallpaper of my life. It has been a constant through decades; living in five states, a work history that spans fry cook at a popular fast food establishment to a full professional career, love and loss, marriage, children…every part of my life has informed it, and it has fed back to shape my identity in surprisingly potent ways. You can see more information about Mystic Searches at


Additional information

Weight .5 kg
Dimensions 9 × 7 × 2 cm

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