Kick the Colonel!


Mainly bug fixes. Added a score increase for each defeated boss, and now it warps to the end screen when you beat the last boss.



Fixed warping to the wrong screen when you beat the Baron

Added Pallete swapping for the bosses

Updated Death Animations for each boss.


Still more to come!




4 continuous phases are now 3 separate levels.

Bosses now have death animations

Level intro cards have been added.

This update will give the player a chance to rest before facing the next boss.

Update 1:

Updated Font

Updated Attract Mode


Functioning Difficulty Mode

Phases split up into seperate levels to give player a rest

Extra Music Tracks

Any other suggestions that come to mind.


The Management.


Everybody hates Colonel Hindenburger! And as it so happens, it is “Kick Colonel Hindenburger in the Nuts Day” in Transfatylvania. Move left and right kicking the Col. in the nads, launching him into his own castle windows (They needed to be replaced anyway). There are 4 Phases:

1- Break all the windows in Castle Wulfenslider

2- Knock out Fraulein Frieda Fries

3- Knock out Baron Von Shakenburg

4- Pop the Hindenburger Zeppelin.

Play as the evil General Grunt or his bewitching wife Pyrella.

For those who don’t like reading, its basically a messed up Arkanoid. That’s it. Enjoy the game.

~Pewko Games (a Transfatylvania Company)

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