The Adventures of Panzer – Frontiers Demo

The Adventures of Panzer: Frontiers

Get your boots ready because we’re cowboys now!

Join the Legendary Cowboy Panzer and, for the first time ever, his stalwalt Lieutenant Cowboy Blarghe as they try to collect a bounty on Cowboy Mappy! Get your six shooter ready and mount up for a thrilling journey where you will battle Evil Train Cowboys, Horse-mounted Cowboys, and an non-stop barrage of… logs? Get ready for a western-themed adventure that you will never forget!



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Role Name
Programmer Dave Nemeth
Music and SFX Logan E. Schad
Hand drawn artwork Tollbooth 10 - The Art of Lawrence Denvir
Siiiiiiiick. Just... siiiiiiiiick. Love the scrolling effects, and the gameplay is intense and rewarding. Awesome work.
Very impressive!! Fun and well polished. I prefer not to have screen shake.
There's awesome music and a lot of parallax swag going on, but once you look past that, it's a really fun game to play! It would've worked as an endless game too, but I love that there's an end goal.
Amazing game. Polished, beautiful gfx and surprising mechanics. Love it
You know when The Adventures of Panzer is on the title it must be good! It's visually stunning, and the gameplay vey smooth and polished. One of the best games of this year, hands down :)
This game is amazing. The graphics look amazing, the music is fantastic and the gameplay is spot on. It's like the turbo tunnel but you can shoot, which is great! I love this game!
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