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Zombie Legacy

“The world is on fire. A dangerous VIRUS is spreading, turning
everyone and everything into agressive MONSTERS. During the
outbreak MICHAEL finds out his fiancé LAURA is missing.
It’s up to you to find out what happened, and if Laura is safe…”

Make your way through vast open world in this Zelda style
adventure and find the secrets behind the outbreak.
Solve puzzles and use items to progress and save lives
of the survivors in the process.

*512kb filled with amazing world to explore!

* Experience the dynamic day and night cycle, where the world literally changes around you!

*Find clues, search for items and hints to solve the

*Fight your way trough with knives, molotov cocktails and other items!

A: Interact with the world, NPC’s and other things.
B: use a selected weapon / item
Select: Cycle current item selection / Continue from the savepoint (gameover screen or start screen)
Start: Pause game / Start a new game (gameover screen or start screen)

Game is currently at Demo testing stage – planned release during 2024.

Role Name
Game Design, Graphics and Music Matti Jokihaara
Sprites and cover art Jori Venäläinen

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