Zapp (& Zapper)


Planet Nemarex is under attack! While traveling through space, you came across a little fellow called Zaphyrox-B04 (but you can call him Zapp). His planet has been invaded by nasty aliens! Will you help him destroy all that is evil to save his planet?

About the game

Zapp (& Zapper) is a short (and sweet?) 2 player co-op game, where player 1 uses their platforming skills to control Zapp, while player 2 clears the sky from invaders using Zapper, the trustworthy light gun. You can also play in 1-player mode, where you won’t have to worry about hazards from the sky. For a tiny challenge, you could even play 2-player mode by yourself!


Zapp (P1)
D-Pad: move left/right
A: jump
B: shoot

Zapper (P2)
Point the light gun at the enemies on top of the screen to zap them into oblivion.

Download source

This game is open source. You can download the code here. To play around with it, download the source code or pull in the repository, then place a copy of your NESMaker folder inside the folder where you have extracted/pulled the source code.

Gameplay footage

Watch a playthrough of Zapp (& Zapper) on YouTube.

Additional credits

This game would not have been made possible without the endless help and resources of the community. A big thank you goes out to The New 8-Bit Heroes, JamesNES, SciNEStist, CutterCross, Dale Coop, TakuikaNinja, baardbi, Chronicleroflegends, Dave Nemeth, AllDarnDavey, Fista Productions, and I’m absolutely aware that I may have forgotten a few names… So thank you everyone who is and has been involved in this community!

Kevin van der Burg [kevin81]

Role Name
Gameplay, coding, graphics, music, sound effects Kevin van der Burg
Story, concept, voice acting Lindsey van der Burg
Sound driver Sabre by CutterCross
Extra credits See description
impressed on so many lvels by that boss ! Great work.
Really great platformer game. And that giant boss! Loved it
Very fun to play ! Great graphics. I want to play 2 player. Whos got the zapper? How do I make it work on this laptop ?!?! lol
Incredible little demo!! 2nd player plays with a light gun?! WHAT IS THIS INSANITY?! Great boss and beautiful pixel art at the ending. Would love to see a complete version of this!
Didn't get to play 2 player mode but even 1 player it was great. Very smooth, no bugs in sight. And FIST BUMP for the background tile boss. I liked the way his projectiles plopped out of his nose.
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