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Witch City

Epse, a freshman at a Tower University, has been having a hard time making friends because inherit magical ability, flight, is generally considered to be a useless power more fitting for the circus than academic achievement. When a mysterious malevolent entity crashes the All Hallow’s Eve banquet and steals the inherent abilities of the students and faculty, Espe is the only one to escape after being knocked out of a window during the commotion. Meanwhile, Head Mistress Nettle Floragarden manages to keep the entity known as the Thief King, preventing it from absorbing the stolen powers and instead spreading them across the city. Locked in mortal combat with the Thief King, Head Mistress Nettle sends a telepathic message to the only one now not trapped in the Tower: Espe. She tasks Espe with searching the City for the lost power because only with that combined strength can there be hope in defeating the Thief King.


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