Vector Run


Congratulations on choosing Vector Run!  This will help you get the most out of your time spent playing this game.

Directional Pad – Movement
A Button – Jump
B Button – Advance Text

Make it through the game with as few deaths as possible.

– There are three games you can play:  the Vector Run game, and a two-chapter story set in the Vector Run universe.  It is recommended to play the three games in the order they appear, but not necessary if your time is valuable.

– There is a hidden Easter Egg that can be found near the end of each game.  You achieve nothing from finding them, but you will feel a heightened sense of accomplishment if you do.  The screens they can be found on are:
– Vector Run: The flag
– The Breakout: The portal home
– Annihilation: He is gone
Remember that not all walls may be solid on those screens, and some precise jumping to places you would normally not jump to may be required to find them.

The NESmaker crew, the Rad Junk crew, my cats, all the LCM Games fans and supporters, and, of course, you!

Role Name
Writer, Producer, Director Mike Behr
Music Mike Behr
Custom Programming Mike Behr
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