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Turtle Rescue: Unhatched DX


Turtle Island is a paradise and home to many types of turtles. Every year, the turtles have a party to celebrate the hatching of their baby turtle eggs and welcome them into the world.

But this year, trouble is afoot! A nasty storm is brewing! Plus, the turtle egg nest was raided by some rascally raccoons and crabby crabbies! It’s up to you to rescue all of the missing eggs, and see to it that they hatch safely!

But you’re not alone! Other turtles will join you in your quest! And what other mysteries will you uncover along the way?

Winner of the Best Game award in the 2019 Byte-Off!  This version of “Turtle Rescue” features some enhancements that were made after that event, but has essentially been abandoned since late 2019. Development on a full-scale replacement is currently underway.

Role Name
Creator / Developer Joe Sherman
Music David Ko

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