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Tryptic is a multi-game sci-fi adventure where you explore the remains of an abandoned space station in a point and click style interface, while interacting with computer terminals and playing games of a variety of styles, such as platformer, adventure, and shooter! Discover how all of the games are linked together and help you progress through the destroyed space station.


  • Within the main game, Tryptic features 8 different games comprising of platformers, top-down adventures, shooters, and more!
  • A variety of player characters for you to play and master!
  • Solve puzzles and unravel the mystery!
  • Lots of exploration not just in the main game, but in games within the game as well!
  • Play most games in a second ”Old PC” style resembling that of early monochrome PCs!
  • Featuring the Sabre Sound Driver by Cuttercross and using DPCM/PCM sample playback.
  • Saving! The game autosaves allowing you to pick up your adventure later!

What is a Multi-Game Adventure??

Tryptic is unique in that it not only features a variety of games, but all of the games are connected. These games all interact and affect each other as you progress in them as well as the main game. Unlocking doors and finding passcodes are just a couple of the secrets that these games hold.

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