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Troll Burner

In a world of petulant internet trolls, become a beacon of hope. 

Once, long ago, a software for developing new NES games was created. Most 8-bit loving nerds rejoiced. But there were some who were disgruntled by this, and they spouted their grievances loudly. Fortunately, the NESmaker team has a jetpack rocking, laser sporting ally who is in the business of slaying trolls.

This early proof of concept demonstrated how NESmaker could be used to create quality games quickly. But don’t think for a second the adventures of the Troll Burner are over. Someday, he is sure to have his own full adventure. In the mean time, have a blast with some good, old school platforming while blasting these trolls bastards to bits!

Also, check out this video about Troll Burner’s development.

Role Name
Programmer Joe Granato
Artist Austin McKinley
Music Joe Granato

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