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Tricky Taxi

Tricky Taxi is a game made for all those taxi drivers out there who want to go even further beyond!

this is a pretty choppy demo for the Byte-Off competition…

I wanted to work more on this concept but time caught up and now I have to submit


title screen: start to go to unfinished taxi select screen

taxi select screen: start button continues to the main game

main game:

A button: turns the Taxi Around

Dpad: control the Taxi

currently, the goal is to take citizens on the first screen to a planet on the following screens until time runs out

Have FUN!



This game is like Crazy Taxi, but set in an outer-space 8-bit environment! Feels still early in development, but it's great how you got the back-and-forth scrolling and the static hud working1
Pretty cool. I was a taxi driver so I understand the game fully. It felt like I was back on the job cruising around looking for fares. Im interested to see where you take this.
Absolutely bussin soundtrack and sfx
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