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The New Adventures Of The Black Cat


Revealed for the first time…it’s THE NEW ADVENTURES OF THE BLACK CAT! The brand new series from the creator of ALLISON OF ASTRA, coming to the NES later this year!

It’s the Golden Age of Hollywood, and there’s no one more idolized than glamorous movie star Linda Turner! But when young, inexperienced Hedy enters this brutal system for the first time, a chance encounter proves Linda is even wilder in private than she is in public! When the cameras are off, Linda dons an opera mask, thick gloves and boots, hops on a motorcycle and becomes the superhero The Black Cat!

A brilliant inventor (though prone to screwing up), Hedy is the only one who knows about Linda’s secret life. Her inventions help Linda mop up various problems around town…or end up causing them in the first place! As Linda, jump, grab, punch and roll in action platformer stages. As Hedy, investigate, gather clues and solve puzzles in an open adventure!

Join Linda and Hedy in this brand new series, based on a real 1940s public domain pulp comic book, coming later this year! For now, enjoy this special Byte-Off 4 demo…and please vote if it’s your favorite!

“I’ll see you there, darling. After all, if Jane Austen can get an NES game, why can’t I?”

Role Name
Almost Everything Peter Paltridge
Improved Wall Jump SciNEStist
Black Cat Created By Al Gabriele and Lee Elias
I love the story of this game! It's so retro-comiclike with just the right amount of sass and humour. On top of that, it also is a solid game with some cool mechanics like wall jumping and rolling.
Lots of cool platform mechanics I haven't seen in a Byte Off game before... and a public domain license that isn't STEAMBOAT WILLIE! Keep doing your thing. (Oh and obviously great cutscene graphics)
I loved the character design and setting, the cutscenes look great, and the gameplay mechanics are impressively varied! I liked her tuck and roll move.
Great playable story, it's like being in a comic, I love it! This is done so well.
Great storytelling. I'd play a longer version!
Very cute story with memorable characters. the gameplay mechanics are fun and the concept is great!
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