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The Myth Of Zayla

Long time ago the kingdom of Taroon was ruled by princess Zayla. So beautiful, friendly and truly loved by the people. But unfortunately one day evil undead forces appeared and attacked the town and princess had to surrender… 

Years passed and princess became a myth. Until one day a regular townsfolk called Zerno received strange letter from the princess…

“It is time for an Adventure”


The Myth of Zayla is my entry for ByteOff III. It is a metroidvania game where you play as Zerno and try to get deeper inside the castle of the undead by unlocking special powers, killing undead minions (killing.. undead?) and solving mysteries.

Beware! There will be some twisted humor, not suitable for the strict minded. xD


This is a solo project and I did everything myself but there are a few exceptions.

  • Art is heavily inspired by open AI Dall-E 2 and Midjourneybot. If you are interested here is a link to the original files created by the AI. The search string I used is also in the filename. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1aPFlSbK_lWEz8R8CP1rKaWuFPqbqeUu7?usp=sharing
  • Mafaldrian’s Song is composed by Johan Sebastian Bach – Toccata and Fugue in D Minor (BWV 565)
  • Thank you for playtesters Tuomas Korhonen & Vecekio



Walkthrough video (for judges mostly. I suggest you don’t watch this but play the game instead)



Promotional Video:



Original Soundtrack:




Album Promotion video:



Game Manual as PDF



I hope this game will bring you a lot of fun. But in case there is something you would have done differently I am more than happy to receive suggestions. 🙂

Role Name
Developer Henri Sallila
Music Henri Sallila
Art Henri Sallila
Story Henri Sallila

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