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The Legend Of Chang’E

The legend of chang’E is the story of HouYi husband of chang’E the goddess of the moon
who was banished from the earth by the Queen of Darkness because she mistakenly drank the
potion of immortality that the Queen of Darkness wanted to obtain for several years.

Our adventure begins when Houyi, the best archer in the kingdom, succeeds in destroying 9 of the
10 suns which threatened the kingdom, after this victory he received from the gods a gift, the potion of
immortality. Houyi considering that this gift was of great danger, decided to hide it
at his place, but chang’E, not knowing what it was and thinking that it was a gift from his
husband drank the potion. Putting in terrible anger  the queen of darkness, she banished chang’E
to live immortal on the moon with (jade) her rabbit.

Your mission is to help HouYi find his beloved and fight the queen of

in the demo version (4 levels) your mission is to collect as many tokens as possible to be able to buy arrows and acquire the bow, the full version of the game will have 20 levels (4 boss levels)

*** already known Bugs with houyi graphic at startup (happens randomly) on an average of 15 startups happens 1 time, unknown reason I continue to look for the cause.

*** Not Perfect but fixed ,collecting tokens sfx sound fixed march 17,2024

Role Name
Programming Gino Blefari
Arts Opengameart.org Sharm, surt ,vk (CC0)
Arts Gino Blefari
Chiptunes/Music Gino Blefari
This looks like what might be a nice arcade-y platformer game with some physics tweaks - especially the "sticky" ceilings tripped me up more than once. I like the characters and the music is fitting.
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