About 8-Bit Zappa

The Drunk Time Traveler’s Fiancee

Mikey McMike has woken up with a major headache. The room is spinning and he doesn’t remember what happened last night. Oh no, does he have a hang over? Wait, today’s September 20, 2020, and there’s somewhere he has to be.

Its his wedding night and he has to meet his love under a tree where the ceremony will be. Better run, no time for a suit and tie, but just enough time for his favorite high tops.

Seems like Mikey McMike has made it just in time, and he didn’t throw up once. Wait, ehh, grrrr. Blahhhhhh! Spoke too soon, but there’s his blushing bride.

Wait what’s that spinning green thing. Whaaaaa!! Mikey McMike wakes up in a bar with two unexpected dudes. Was it all a drunken dream?

Role Name
Art, Game Design, Story Miguel Gonzalez Jr.
Music and Sounds Drexegar

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