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the Cube

The Cube

Somewhere beyond the universe, far far away.

A little green, square, unlikely hero takes on an epic adventure to go save her kids.

Be that hero!


A silly, simple little platformer, that was the goal when entering ByteOff.

Made some small bugg-fixes and updates since ByteOff.

It was really fun to read all the comments and watch people play the game! Thank you all for the kind words.


Wonderful game design, love the art direction. Nice job!
I love the art style, but especially the many custom mechanics you don't see in most platformers around here! Especially slopes, sliding, directional shooting and fire recoil make this a great game.
super fun game, i hope to see more!
Very well polished gameplay.
One of the best platformers of the Byte-Off! The artstyle is amazing, and the controls are so satisfying it becomes addicting. Well done!
Love the game. It's nice, simple, and very playable. The graphics are nice; they might appear simple at first glance, but they have great little details and animations. Great job!
Absolutely hit it out of the park, loved it.
A surprisingly fun platforming game, with mechanics that turn every jump and dash into a thrilling adventure through pixelated worlds!
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