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The Adventures of Mr. 2 and Puncher P.

My kids have limited screen time per day so they came up with playing at the magnet board as if it were a video game. One son made up Mr. 2 and another made up Puncher P. On occasion their adventures have crossed over. I thought it would be fun to make a little game based on the way they play at the magnet board so here it is.  The music is based off of songs my 8 year old made up at the piano or just singing to himself. I hope you enjoy.

i had a lot of fun playing this! id like to see it being made into a full game!
Can't fault anything about this. Ticks all the boxes. Maybe a start screen explaining what the letters are. Mechanics are super tight, feels so great to play and the concept is just brilliant.
Game plays great! those kids are pretty creative
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