Synther Byte Off 4 Demo


Embark of a perilous journey through a new frontier!
You are Synther, a bard out of time.
Sleeping for eons in a cryogenic bed pod, you awaken in a crazy world gone wrong.
Rogue AI, mutants, and hordes of undead have completely terraformed the world.
Search for survivors through the ruins of an old world.
The dangerous wilds, subterranean urban decay, and cybernetic facilities are yours to explore!
Monstrous Mayhem! Beware the mutants, murderous AI, and undead monstrosities!
Use your synthesizer keyboard to fight back against foes!
Use music as a weapon!
Features rhythm based boss fights and multiple endings!
Do you answer the call? Do you stand against the forces of corruption and chaos?
The power of music is in your hands…

Role Name
Programmer and Creator NightMusic / TolerantX
Music and Sound Effects Design Drexegar and Tyson Manley
Box Art and Cover Design Araquiel (Joanne Kline)
Great platformer game with creative boss battles. Did I hear correctly that the music enrichened itself after shooting your first enemy? I love that concept!
A lot of fun, great gameplay and art! The boss battles are like none I have seen, this is a very cool idea! I hope to see more of this.
Fun Game. The main character design reminds me of flying dragon.
A very fun concept for boss battles! The graphics and music are really good. The cover art is well done, too. Maybe one downside is that wait times are really long. But overall, I loved it!
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