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Steel Legion

Explore an Interconnected World:

The game is a well-crafted metroidvania with four different multiple stages that include their own bosses, abilities, secrets, keys and quests. Explore the dangerous mines, the wretched sewers, the vicious city-top or the mysterious AI base. 


Find Secrets and Abilities:

Use special weapons to break down walls. Use hyper jump to access previously blocked areas. Use special missiles to target hard-to-find switch for blocked doors to open. All of this requiring thoughful experimentation!


Meet NPCs and Battle Bosses:

Protect the humans, find more about the threats of the city-scape, collect keys while figthing hard bosses in order to reach your final destination. 




Role Name
Music, SFX, Pixel Art, Level Design, Programming, Story Francois Brodeur
Bug fixes, helped with code Moehr, Dale_Coop
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