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Spacin’ Gators II: The Third One!

In the 80’s a team of idiots sent alligators to the moon. They alligators exploded the moment they entered into orbit. So to recoup the financial losses we made this stupid game based on the aforementioned fiasco.

Use A-B buttons to move the gator left and right. Eat the space pizza and avoid Florida. Collect Tang for bonus points. A headless rhino could figure this out.

Special thanks to Dale Coop, Brad Hammond and Kevin81 for helping me create this arcade classic… well its popular in Transfatylvania anyway.


Role Name
Coding Dale Coop
Coding Brad Hammond
Music Transcription Kevin81
This is one addicting game! I think it's best described as a one-dimensional Pac-man type of game, but with pizza and Florida as the antagonist. Really fun to play in all its simplicity.
Oh the great Transfatylvania gifts us with another great game. The simplicity of it is addicting. Such fun story, great graphics, and simple gameplay, would create a shortage of quarters in an arcade!
Ingenious and funny, love the humor. I got the unimpressive highscore of 811 just now :-)
The simple gameplay loop makes it super addictive
Spacin' gators is a game where fun graphics meet an amazing concept, creating a simple yet captivating experience that keeps you coming back for more! I hope we see more!
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