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Space Wars

Just a basic remake of an old WarioWare DIY game I made as a kid. I did this to get familiar with how NESMaker works, and development went by quicker than expected. I didn’t really have many ideas for the game, so it isn’t much. You are a Space Pilot™ named Eruca Vir, who is returning to the Space Base™ after a successful mission. However, your Space Laser Canon™ is jammed, and the enemy is hot on your trail. Luckily, your Space Forcefield™ can deflect the enemies’ shots right back at them! The goal is to survive as long as possible to rack up your score. I never figured out how to implement a leaderboard, unfortunately. I don’t plan on doing any more work on this game unless something comes up later on. Right now I want to jump into the next project.

Role Name
Director Perrin Trapp
Artist (for the enemies, player, and projectiles) Smile Hero
Not bad for a first game, it's fun to play ! Our first demo game 2 years ago was much worse. ( LOL) Good luck with the next project.
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