Space Raft

Milwaukee’s hungriest band Space Raft are in pursuit of their jealous ex-bass player Srini in this new homebrew adventure for the NES. Take the wheel of the Space Raft Van and guide the band past obstacles to beat the traffic, or control the members of Space Raft to clear the screen of sandwiches and thwart the plans of Srinimania.

Recover the stolen master tapes! Release the new Space Raft record! Road trip!

– Soundtrack featuring chiptuned songs from ‘Positively Space Raft’!
– Six obstacle based scrolling stages!
– Fifteen arcade style location stages!
– Two huge dungeon levels!
– Four playable characters!
– Boss fights!
– Minifridge!
– The Sandwich!

Role Name
Designer, Artist, Musician Jordan Davis (Raftronaut)
Programmer Dale Coop
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