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Space Hero: Revival Of the Fittest

In a future of space travel and space threats, only one kind of hero will do.

But the Space Heroes all faded away years ago.

When a small boy is left as the best hope for his starbase, can he rise to the challenge and become the Space Hero he needs to be?


Developer’s Note:

This game is built with a save feature which doesn’t work in the Retroverse¬† browser emulator. However, it will work in the newest versions of both Mesen and FCEUX if you download the rom.

If you don’t have that option, I’ll let you in on a secret in case you die and have to start over from the title screen. When the D-pad icon is blinking while a textbox is open hold SELECT then press A, B, Up, or START (all those buttons work to continue text) and it will make the textboxes automatically proceed. If you aren’t interested in sitting through the introduction text more than once this helps a little. It is basically the same as you repeatedly pressing a “continue text” button without you having to do it. I hesitate to give this secret away possibly before you play the game, but I’d be super annoyed and quit playing if I had to wait through exposition and nonsense too many times. That being said, I hope you experience the silly opening exposition at least once, and look around in the game for hidden heart containers so you don’t die again. I think this demo is pretty easy but they are there as a reward for exploration.


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