Soul Stone

This game is a demo, created for Byte-Off III. There will be some quirks and bugs you encounter while you are playing the game. If you get stuck, press SELECT to return to your last checkpoint.

You are a Soul Stone, a sentient being who takes the form of a yellow stone. Your goal is to possess the ultimate being! In Soul Stone, your protaganist is not what they seem. When you die, you take possesion of the enemy responsible for killing you! When you respawn, you’ll now have the looks and abilities of a new, more powerful…? form!

Use your new found abilities to explore new sections of the map, by squeezing into tight spaces and blasting down walls.

Can you find and become the ultimate being?

This game isn’t very challenging, so if you find yourself getting through it without issue, I recommend throwing yourself against an enemy! Playing around with the different things you can be is half the fun. I hope you enjoy! There are some veteran NesMaker easter eggs to be found. There is no end screen! When you think you can’t go any further, you can’t! (You will be deep underground, the last screen has 1-2 slimes)

Achievements to Unlock:
Make it to the last screen without dying once.
Make it to the last screen as a Pile of Leaves
Become the Banana Man
Find and become the Ultimate Being!

Credits: Art/Design/Programming: Gessi Hurd, aka Harry_Dwarf
Music and Sound: Logan E. Schad – Sound track can be downloaded and heard here
Special Thanks: The usual suspects: Dale, Cutter, Mugi, and everyone else that provided help, tutorials and ideas.
And an extra special thanks to Joe, for creating this tool that has allowed me to create these games and find a new passion in pixel art.

Role Name
Art/Design/Programming Harry Dwarf
Music and Sound Logan E. Schad

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