Devour your way through a land brimming with delights and surprises. Munch muffins and shoot peanuts while dodging dangerous treats, all in the quest to fill your shopping list and return home! Can you taste victory? Satisfy your cravings and quench your appetite for adventure!


Left & Right  Move
Up & Down Climb
Button A  Jump
Button B  Shoot (you can’t shoot while climbing)
Start  Start Game/Confirm in Options Menu/Pause
Select  Select Option/Opens an option menu during Pause


Read the Instruction Manual for more details about Gameplay and Story


Special thanks to the members of the NESMaker Community.
These should be credited as the true masterminds of the code in this game:

  • NightMusic
  • Dale Coop
  • CutterCross
  • Board B
  • SciNEStist
  • JamesNES
  • tbizzle
  • kevin81
  • Jonny
  • Lord Klump Of Kongo Bongo
  • Mugi

Additional Notes:

For Mesen users:

Mugi NESMaker Accurate Color Palette
The use of this is recommended if you want to experience the intended graphics color.

Role Name
Art and Programming Pochoclo (known in the forums as Smile Hero)
Game Design Erian Z
Character Design EmyV
Game Testers Maylin Rodriguez, Jesus Sanchez, Max_53
Music and Sound David Ko
This is one of the more solid platfomers of this year's Byte Off. I really dig the music, visuals and controls are great and I love how the character changes with every power up.
Beautiful graphics ! I really like the game. I want to play the full game
Great game ! I like how the onion can get you even after you stomp him! green onion gas is deadly. David Ko is really good at songs. I enjoy the pallets !
Just excellent, my favourite platformer this year for sure. Great graphics and perfect use of the scrolling engine. Gives me famicom vibes.
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