SkyBound Quest


This is my first entry into the Byte Off competition and its also my first NESMaker game. So expect to run into bugs and strange issues. Its not ideal but its a learning process and above all I submitted a working NES game!

I hope you enjoy the game and the great sounds by Retro Asobi.


B = Throw Axe (use these sparingly)

A = Jump


The player character, a young adventurer decides to take on a perilous journey. His family and other villagers have fallen sick from a strange illness after strange orbs from the sky fell into their village. After speaking with the village elder it is decided that he must travel up! His ultimate goal to reach the SkyBound Realm and find a cure for the illness.

There he hopes to find the SkyTower, said to exist above even the highest clouds. It is rumored to be a large tower and the home of the Ancients. These beings hold immense power who once walked both earth and sky. 

Role Name
Creator, Developer and Artist Martin Reimer
Music & Sound Effects Retro Asobi
The graphics, sounds and music are really great! The game is also fun to play. For a horizontal scrolling platformer, it has a lot of vertical sections which I like.
Like the Game and the concept!
Very impressive for a first nesmaker project. Like mentioned above.. it gives of little samson vibes . The press start screen captivated us. Really nice artwork.
The character design reminds me of little sampson.
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