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Shera & The 40 Thieves: Definitive Edition

Shera & the 40 Thieves is an arcade-style platformer designed and playable for the NES (Nintendo Entertainment System). This is the Definitive Edition of the game that is remade from the ground up! This remake features improved graphics and music, difficulty settings, scrolling screens, traversable maps, abilities, support for 11 languages, and more!

Use the options menu to play as either Sarza or Shera. Sarza is quicker, smaller, and can use his ability to run faster! Shera is larger but can climb ladders faster and is invincible while using her ability! Collect lamps to use an ability at any time, as long as you’re not carrying a key!

This demo should provide a bug-free experience, but if any arise please post the specifics of the bug in the comments below, @CrazyGroupTrio on twitter, or the CGT Dev discord.


D-Pad: Move player
D-Pad Up/Down: Use Door/Climb ladder
A Button: Jump
B Button: Use Ability
Select: Change Selection
Start: Pause/Start game

Rom is playable in Mesen or FCEUX Emulators.

NOTE: The provided demo is in an early development state and may contain bugs not listed below. Demo contains the first world of the game, plus all available options such as difficulty and language selection. The save and continue system is implemented but not accessible in this demo (the continue function is disabled).

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