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Shark Pirate’s Harpoon the Dolphin, Win a Prize

Based on the Lard Land Attraction “Shark Pirate’s Marina”, Join yer ol pal Shark Pirate and take out the British Empire’s dolphin army lead by the scurvy General Porpoise! Remember Duck Hunt? its basically that but REALLY messed up. Do you expect anything less from us?

Game Requires a NES Zapper and a CRT Televsion but you can play it on emmulators like MESEN with a mouse. DEMO version.

Demo includes
Main game minus bonus games/bonus point targets
High Score saving
Zapper controls

Full Version will include
Main game + endless gauntlet mode after beating all 25 rounds
Bonus mini games every 10 rounds
Variable points that decrease if it takes more shots to harpoon a dolphin
floating treasure chest pickup that rewards bonus points and ammo refill

Suggestions welcome.

Known Bugs/fixes we’re working on:

Strage graphics glitch on the title screen and some of the level outtros that happens rarely but we will fix it. It is not game breaking, simply shoot the instructions/credits on the title screen then when you go back it SHOULD be back to normal

For some reason the HUD vanishes after around until you hit or miss a dolphin. We’ll fix that but again, its not game breaking.

Role Name
Game Creation Chris Addolorato
Pixel Art/Graphics Chris Addolorato
Characters/Concept Chris Addolorato
Music R-Sen Productions
Coding Chris Addolorato, Peyton Thiele, Dale Coop, Kevin81

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