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Renegades: Mountain Showdown

In 1988,in a rural American school, a clueless science teacher conducts experiments on a mysterious crystal found growing near the playground. Unbeknownst to him, the lid of the classroom’s pet salamander’s aquarium had been left open. Just as he is finishing his final test a chemical explosion occurs with the crystal. The science teacher is knocked to the floor as chemical residue erupts landing in the pet salamander’s aquarium. The residue, imbued with magical powers transforms the pet salamander into an evil lizard, the wizard Sal-A-Munder. Sal-A-Munder has transformed the rural mountain landscape, and conjured hordes of monsters. He has split the mysterious crystal into 3 shards and placed them inside schools protected by his most dangerous monster lieutenants. It is up to you, an average student who also happens to be a ruthless ninja renegade, to collect the crystal shards, defeat Sal-A-Munder and restore peace to the mountain. Good Luck!!!

Role Name
Creator / Programmer Cole Thornhill
Troubleshooting Dale Coop
Troubleshooting Joe Sherman
Music John Lasher
Tester Colton Metteer
Tester Jake Evans
Special Thanks My Family

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