Reign of Death


“When a Vampire King dies… it becomes death itself.”


You are Sacrum, a Vampire King. At least you were until you refused to go along with the Demon’s deal.  Were the 1 million souls you chose to save worth it? All that remains of you is your immortal skull on a spike. Oh… oh god!  You’re moving! Hey, that’s not your body… you’re stealing someone else skeleton!  Where are you going? Are you seeking revenge? Do you really think you’ll get your dark powers back? Sacrum, you’re just a lowly level 1 skeleton– you can’t possibly win!


Start Button: Starts the game on the title screen. You can also press start to skip the cutscenes as well.
Left/Right:  Directional buttons to move left/right
Up/Down: Do the Skeleton Boggie.
(A): Button to jump. If you tap the A button he will do a short jump. Hold A Button and he will jump higher.
(B): Button to throw bones at your enemies. Don’t worry, he is a Vampire and can generate his bones. So toss away!

Role Name
Creator and Graphics Fernando J. Fernandez
Narrative Fernando J. Fernandez and Stellan Kang
Programmer Dale Coop
Music and SND SFX Jordan Davis (Raftronaut)
Moral Supporter and Cover Art Adam Bohn (Artix)

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