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Planet Fear

Planet Fear (A Nightmare Castle universe game with Sci-Fi Themes)

Module : Arcade Platformer

Theme : Science Fiction and Horror

Genre : Arcade style action


The year 196x you are an astronaut sent to explore Planet Z.
Planet Z is a mysterious planet outside the solar system, near the asteroid belt. You crash land on an alien world devoid of all contact.

Energy crystals that power your equipment as scattered about the planet. Retrieve them to progress through Planet Fear!

Role Name
Creation and Design NightMusic/TolerantX
Music and SFX Tyson Manley
Box Art Cover Art Araquiel, Joanne Kline
This is a short but fun arcade platformer with an insanely kick-ass sound track. Love the box art as well, totally has those post-blackbox era NES vibes.
Fun game! I like the cover image. Has the most 80's box art I've ever seen.
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