Pizza Portals

Multi-dimensional Pizza Delivery

You are Dash– a typical, every day, ordinary multi-dimensional pizza boy who must deliver two pizzas at exactly the same time to save the multiverse.

Introducing Pizza Portals. A single player 8-Bit NES game… where you play two characters at once. Physics is gonna have to bend a knee.


  • Cut-scenes where you have to talk to two different characters at the same time
  • Control Dash in two different dimensions at the same time
  • Anti-Pasta Cannon
  • Split screen puzzle platformer
  • Beatable in a short, single sitting
  • Secret bonus challenge maps (The win screen tells you how to find them)
  • Includes 100% re-made art & animations of characters and monsters from Dungeons & DoomKnights
  • Breaks your brain a little.

How to Play

  • A = Jump
  • B = Shoot Anti-Pasta Cannon
  • Walk up to a character to talk to them.


Byte-Off IV was announced on International Pizza Day. My kids and I were eating pizza while watching the reveal video. That… sorta explains everything 😀 To make the cover art, my son and I went to the local Pappa Johns and asked if we could have a pizza box for our game jam project.  We did a little family shoot and photo-shopped the image. It is sorta tradition now– his sister was the the model for NecroNancy, which was last year’s ByteOff entry. (Update, his brother is the cover of their entry, Dragon Raid.)

No A.I. was used in the creation of this deliciously cheesy game.

Known Bugs and Issues

  • It is a feature! (Probably)
  • In the extremely rare event that your anti-pasta cannon hits an invisible wall when trying to convert a slime monster, you must restart the game 🙁
  • If you commit a major delivery violation but are killed by a skeleton before you are sent to the violation screen, the game can bug out and will need restarted.


No pizzas were harmed in the making of this video game.



Role Name
Game Design Artix
Art FJ
Music Raftronaut
Winner. Incredible accomplishment in game design, slick presentation, to boot. Awesome work!
Really nice graphics, story is fun. the input is perfect ! Bravo !
winner winner pizza dinner! i hope theres gonna be more of this one!
that was a very fresh experience
I found Twilly the moglin, (he is right. Make more levels) :-) Such a good game!
You all know it's excellent, what more needs to be said
Everything shines here. Tight design and mechanics, distinct, quality visuals and Adam's unique humor. What's not to love?
The characters remind me of a more modern River City Ransom. Love this game!
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