For ByteOff 2019

Pingback is a short maze game.  Wander around and interact with things.  You have one key, and there are many doors, so be sure to use it wisely.  Nothing can hurt you, but you may be forced to restart from the beginning.

There is a good and best ending.  Finding the exit ends the game, getting all of the maze’s residents to come with you will get the best ending.


Glitches to address:
-refine endings
-autoscroll left wall crashes game
-Text boxes that are exited too quickly won’t trigger
-Fix sprite zero color
-Have top door tiles display over player

Unfinished plans:
-Key sneakin’ mini game
-Character based decorations in maze and their “homes”
-Attack mode for Dublegre
-endings based on number of people found/saved
-Better story telling and more text box triggers for characters

-More of everything
-more bg colors
-graphic evidence of character back stories
-interactive bits

Ongoing fixes
Character graphics update
Added ship

Expanded Music
Map reworking
Various fixes

Refinements (the same old bugs fixed again)

-added 3rd ending screen
-fixed warp error in pit trap area
-embarrassing fixes
-maze layout changes
-gears have a function
-TTYs cost 5 gears to fix
-Doors open and stay open
-collectables disappear too
– game breaking bugs fixed
– graphic updates
– more player animations

Role Name
Play testing Erin Vallederes
variable/triggerable warps, get collectables via textbox, general forum champion Dale Coop
reduced slowdowns, stable screen transitions FrankenGraphics
fixing the solid door glitch stevenshepherd
object spawner code jsherman
"warp if more" code n8bit
Fixing paths while scrolling jorotroid
disabling player movement on tile Bucket Mouse
pause state Mugi
ggsound fix for sfx functionalform
organ instrument for famitracker threxx
Engine NESMaker Team
Etc saturdayxiii

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