Paco: New Frontiers

Paco is an Alpaca. Paco loves Tacos! He just can’t get enough of them! Most days Paco goes out exploring in his native Peru looking for adventures. However, on this day he finds a mysterious pyramid that takes him away to strange new worlds. It is your job to guide Paco through these “New Frontiers” and safely back home to his Tacos by running, jumping and avoiding enemies and traps. All done while listening to the amazing tunes by Tyson “Saxmachine” Manley!




ps. Shortcuts may not be quicker!

pps. Hard Mode is the same game but with with checkpoints only at the start of each world and not each screen plus a few extra hazards along the way!

Role Name
Programmer Mike Larky
Music/SFX Tyson Manley
I enjoyed this so much more than I thought I would. Toit platforming on gloriously psychedelic yet simple visuals. Oh, and a poppin sound track 😉
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