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Orebody: Binder’s Tale


Orebody: Binder’s Tale is a linear platform shooter for the NES that takes place on the alien world of Orebody. As an orphaned battle bot named Binder, players fight their way to the Floating City of Galvanstad, a hovering A.I. fortress, to confront their makers and avenge the death of their mentor.

Buy the ROM: https://johnvanderhoef.itch.io/orebody-binders-tale

Buy the Enhanced Steam Version: https://store.steampowered.com/app/2124210/Orebody_Binders_Tale/

Buy the physical release:  https://premiumeditiongames.com/products/orebody-binders-tale-original-nes-edition


  • Fast-paced run and gun gameplay!
  • Expand your move set as you progress!
    • Run, Gun, Jump, and Dash!
  • Traverse five unique levels!
  • Wield five weapon types!
  • Battle 15 vicious bosses!
  • Uncover the secrets of Galvanstad!



Note: Orebody: Binder’s Tale is best played with a (NES) controller. The Xbox controller works, too, of course, but the d-pad is less reliable.

Right/Left  — Move Right or Left

Up  — Aim Up

Down  – – Crouch/Prone

Down + B  – – Crouch/Prone Fire

Down + A  – – Drop through floor (contextual)

Start  – – Begin Game /  Pause

B  – –  Fire weapon

A — Jump


Music and sfx by Jordan Davis.

Check out more of Jordan’s work here: https://soundcloud.com/user-634230995-350638590


Orebody: Binder’s Tale is part of the larger Orebody transmedia narrative universe. On the planet of Orebody, life is a struggle, alien factions quarrel, and power comes from deep in the ground.

Follow the Orebody Universe on:

Twitter: @OrebodyUniverse

Instagram: @orebody_inc

Role Name
Game Designer John Vanderhoef
Composer Jordan Davis

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