Nathan and Drake’s Adventure


The evil dragon. Zereptor. has stolen all the riches in the land, and it’s up to Nathan and Drake,
two construction workers (in need of a little moolah) to return the treasure to its rightful owners.
This task won’t be easy however, as Zereptor has given the keys to his lair to the Dastardly Dillos,
a ferocious gang who used their magic to create horrible monsters all across the land!

Find the gang members inside of warehouses and steal all ten Z-Keys to enter Zereptor’s Lair!


  • Nathan and Drake packed 30 strong and ultra-powerful wrenches to destroy anyone in their path, be sure
    to use them wisely!
  • Our heroes have a hobby of collecting… buttons. Collect 10 to receive an extra life!
  • If Nathan or Drake were to lose a life, they will be taken back to the beginning of the stage they started on.
  • If all lives are lost, it’s GAME OVER, and you will have to try again from the beginning of the game.


UP = Climb Up Ladder
DOWN = Climb Down Ladder
LEFT = Move Left
RIGHT = Move Right
B BUTTON = Throw Wrench


NATHAN AND DRAKE’S ADVENTURE is a 2-dimentional platforming game created by JEWELIAN27 (Julian Perez) with NESMAKER 4.5.6
All characters, music, art and sound effects belong to JEWELIAN27.

Role Name
Director Julian Perez
Art Julian Perez
Music/SFX Julian Perez
Characters Julian Perez

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