Mystic Searches Soundtrack, Cassette


Experience the music from Mystic Searches on cassette, both in glorious chiptune form and arranged for a full symphony orchestra.

The music for Mystic Searches is inextricable from its lore. The story itself is about a young musician with a supernatural gift to tap into the song of the world. As such, the musical component was always very important to get right. Even though the ultimate deliverable is in the form of four voice 8-bit chip tunes, the actual conceptualization and writing process is still very much akin to working on a film score orchestration. Logically, crushing it down to the limits of the NES has compelled me to also see it expanded. Teaming up with composer Boris Sevastyanov, an orchestral arrangement of the music from the game universe tells the tale through its musical motifs.

Side A will include the orchestration, while Side B will include chiptune versions, including some music that was left on the cutting room floor.

You can hear the full orchestration here.

What’s Included:
This is a cassette with chiptunes from Mystic Searches on one side and fully orchestrated arrangement of the songs on the other.

Item Status: 
The soundtrack is written and recordings completed.

Estimated Delivery:
Estimated delivery window for this version of the soundtrack is Fall 2023*


*Please keep in mind that while we will do everything in our power to meet this delivery time period, delivery of these niche products depends on many variables, some outside of our control (including, but not limited to, parts shortages and shipping delays). If you have questions about this, please contact us before purchasing. Thank you.

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