My Friendly A.I. Assistant Robot

This is the story of Sergio and Reggie, the hosts of R3view Bros., a popular show on the internet. Today they are reviewing a new gadget: a robot with cutting-edge artificial intelligence.

Sergio hastily tries interacting with the robot and Reggie gets killed by accident. Sergio then attempts to revive his brother with the help of the A.I. assistant robot.

For more information about the game and its` development, please visit the game’s web site HERE


Known issues:

– Hit detection bug causes player to get hurt when shooting balloons
– The player character sprite will sometimes change for something else briefly

– Lasers can get stuck in place



  • Playthrough video: HERE
  • The game is also available for download (includingj a unrom version, for older hardware/emulators) on itch: HERE
Role Name
Programmer Yanik Dion-Roy
Music Yanik Dion-Roy
Artist Yanik Dion-Roy

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