Muck Sunflower: Escape From Bot Planet

Default Retroverse keyboard controls: Arrow keys=D-pad, F= (A), D= (B), Enter= (start), S= (select).

Muck Sunflower is a maze style game. You are Muck Sunflower space freelancer. You and your co-pilot Mr. B have crash landed on the mysterious Bot Planet. You must find the missing parts to your ships engine to get home. Salvage as much cargo as you can along the way. Arrow Keys to move 8 directions, F= (A) press to talk to Mr. B, D= (B) Hold B and a direction for speed boost(does not work on diagonal). Flower pots are continue points. Spacesuits are extra lives. Avoid anything that moves. This DEMO has 3 levels.

Role Name
Music and Sound Effects Kevin81
Graphics and Design Kevin Grant

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