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Monk – The Shaolin Warrior

Join the epic quest for vengeance in our game, embodying Wei Lee, a resolute monk driven by honor to avenge his village torched by the Emperor’s greed. Along this path, players will delve into the ancient arts of Shaolin, perfecting their skills to mete out justice and restore harmony to the land.

Beware, for this prototype may hold hidden challenges and unexpected bugs. Yet, anticipate the full version, currently in development, to emerge soon, promising a journey of mastery and enlightenment.


The web page should be available shortly:




Role Name
Music, Art and everything else Konstantin Dzedzel
The introductory cut scenes and in-play graphics make this stand out against the other arcade-y platformers. I got blocked at the door but still had good fun playing this demo!
Fantastic animation and great visuals overall.
Beautiful cutscenes and fluid character animations. The physics is where this game really shines, though, especially for the NES! I know the glitches wil be ironed out but please consider checkpoints.
Some issues with the floor and scrolling, but I actually had a lot of fun with this and played it several times. Good job.
Impressive artwork. These cutscenes look pro!
Great art and custcenes, I especially like the player animations.
Love the anime style, smooth animations, and the cutscenes. Camera and Physics could be improved, though, but I want to see more of this game!
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