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Midnight Zone


Hit ‘Select’ to use Dr. Theron’s BarrelEye Lens that allows you to see the hidden light spectrum.

Hit ‘Select’ to return to Normal spectrum – Make sure to CONSERVE battery power.

Hit ‘Up‘ to enter doorways.

Collect Batteries to charge the lens

Search for hidden doors that can be opened with keycards.

*Currently a proof of concept – we removed enemies for ByteOff but will upload soon to the main game library.



We are heading deep within the earth’s largest known habitat – larger than all other habitats combined. Yet despite its size – scientists know almost nothing about it. It is a place where even the sun’s light cannot reach. A void of darkness where life still exists. . .

Creatures alien to us – create wondrous illuminations of light that can be used for communication, to repel predators… and to lure prey. . .

It is here that Dr. Alistair Theron, renowned optical scientist – is testing a lens that can view a light spectrum otherwise unknown to humans. 

Code name. . . Barrel Eye.

Named after a deep-sea fish whose tubular eyes are highly sensitive and adapted for collecting light. 

Dr. Theron has explored more deep sea terrain than any other human being alive. At these depths,  the pressure is immense – reaching upwards of over 1000 times that of the surface. 

Little is known of what might exist down here – in the blackness – lurking in the shadows of the earth’s deepest frontier. 

A world known only as. . 

The Midnight Zone.

Role Name
Project Lead/Writer/Level Design Shin Jo
Art & Animation Jonathan Cappolino
Programming Peyton Thiele
Music & SFX/Productions R-Sen Productions
Special Thanks Brad Hammond
This feels like a blueprint of a great metroid-like game. The atmosphere is set perfectly with the music and the abandoned environment, and the animations are really smooth.
Concept/music/graphics were really cool! I unfortunately hit a spot on the game where I freefell and it seemed to hit a point where it retriggered the opening cut scene, then got soft locked.
Yery immersive game play and the music is top notch.
I love the concept, and the flash effect when changing to barreleye mode is great. With some more development, could be a fun spooky game
They Do Exist ! We spend way more time then expected with this demo. Some nice effects later in the game ,that sadly not everybody will see. The simple ''cave'' music sets the right tone.
I really love this and wish there was more. I can tell I will really love this project if it continues, and the atmosphere is unreal. Couldn't find any way to progress or any real use for barreleye
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