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Mawthorne is an NES game and playable on real NES hardware (Nintendo Entertainment System). The game is already 100% completed and only requires funding for physical release.

Initially, Mawthorne was a game meant to be created completely on livestream, as a method of talking with other nesdevs and viewers about NES development. As the game progressed I decided to flush it out into a full game and spent over year overhauling graphics and expanding the world.

Our story takes place on the distant planet Ozahk – a peaceful world filled with technological prowess. Then the red rain came. This deadly rain corrupted all life and corroded the surface, forcing the remaining Ozahk people to sink their capital city beneath the planet’s surface. This was not the salvation they hoped for, as soon after an asteroid plunged into the surface of the planet and spewed more of the deadly liquid. As a last resort, the remaining scientists built the artificial being, dubbed Mawthorne, to reach the asteroid and plunge into the deadly red liquid that oozes from the space rock. Will Mawthorne be able to destroy the asteroid and save what remains of the Ozahk? It’s up to you!

  • Open world consisting of 9 different areas to map out and explore.
  • Simple intuitive controls that allow you to attack, jump, and climb.
  • 10 different bosses to conquer.
  • Health, power, and defense upgrades to discover.
  • NPCs to interact with for hints and uncover more of the story.
  • DPCM samples for improved music.
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