Mauri Mursu’s Hangover


“Help Mauri Mursu on his adventure
on the Walrus Islands
and cure his hangover!”

Mauri Mursu’s Hangover is a new 8-bit homebrew game for the NES in 2022! The game gets its inspiration from adventure game classics, such as StarTropics and Zelda, and mixes in a lot of quirky off-beat humor and quests. If you are a fan of those games, you will love this one!

So, what are you still waiting for?

The BIGGEST Walrus Adventure on the NES awaits!

Here is the trailer with a voice-over from a japanese voice actress ryu:

If you liked the game, please consider donating! We worked really hard on the game and are really proud of it! We are thinking about producing physical copies of the game, if you would be  interested in buying one, please comment! Also checkout

Full soundtrack available for listening at:

Thanks for playing!

Role Name
Programming & Design & Graphics Nervanti
Music & SFX Conffa

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